How do I get my Texas License to Carry (LTC)?

Recommended process:

  1. Check your eligibility to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in §411.172 of the Texas Government Code. This is important because the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will not refund any application fees if they determine you are not eligible. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact the Texas Department of Public Safety License To Carry Program Helpline at (512) 424-7293 or email them at
  2. Apply for your Texas LTC by clicking here. You will pay the $40 fee online with a debit or credit card. (You can also download a PDF copy of the application from the DPS LTC website and submit it in person, by fax or via U.S. mail, but this method will delay processing of your license application.) When you complete the application online, you will receive a barcode. Print 2 copies of that page (retain one in your personal records until your receive your permit). Texas will not refund your money if you are ineligible. The Texas DPS will use your driver's license photo for your LTC permit. So you no longer require passport photos if you have a Texas Drivers License or State ID. Non-resident Texas LTC applicants must submit a CHL-6 form with passport photos.
  3. Get your fingerprints taken electronically. The state of Texas requires that fingerprints be taken electronically, so you must schedule an appointment with an IdentGo facility and the charge is minimal (approximately $10). The fingerprints are sent directly to the State of Texas. (Note: If you apply for a Florida license, your fingerprints must be taken by a law enforcement agency. I have had mine taken by the Arlington Police Department on Division Street and never had any problems with the fingerprints.)
  4. Complete a training course taught by an instructor who is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to teach the LTC course. At the end of the course, there are 2 exams.  The first is a written exam on Texas LTC laws.  The second is a shooting exam done at a gun range under the control of the instructor or range safety officer.  After this, the instructor will provide you with a class completion form (LTC-100) telling the State of Texas whether you passed none, one, or both sections of the course.  If you have passed both, submit this LTC-100 form along with your barcode form printed earlier to the State of Texas.  If you have a scanner, scan in those 2 pages together and then you can upload your course completion certificate and bar code form online which will speed up the processing of your license request.
  5. Texas is a SHALL-ISSUE state meaning that they will issue a license to you unless you fail the FBI background check or other qualification.  This process takes approximately 45 days, but students who submit their paperwork online often have their licenses more quickly.
  6. After you receive your license, you should STRONGLY CONSIDER purchasing further education and financial protection to prepare you for a critical defense encounter.  The best way to meet these needs is with a USCCA membership.  We recommend the Platinum level to our students and it comes with a long list of benefits including regular defense tips and articles in both a magazine and phone app.

You really should submit your application online.  If for some reason, you decide to do the process through the mail, you can download the required forms below and submit them by mail.

      • CHL-78A Original LTC Application
      • CHL-78B Address & Business History
      • CHL-78C Reported History
      • CHL-85 Authorization for Release of Records
      • CHL-86 Knowledge of Laws & Eligibilit
      • CHL-100 Class completion form

Submitting your application by mail (on paper) requires certain documents to be notarized and will delay application processing. It is strongly recommended that you submit your application online.

Texas Department of Public Safety
Concealed Handgun Licensing Bureau, MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0245

Who is eligible for a Texas LTC?

To be eligible for a Texas Concealed Handgun License, you:

  • Must be a legal resident of Texas, or apply for a non-resident license
  • Must be at least 21, unless active duty or honorably discharged from the military, then at least 18
  • Must not ever have been convicted of a FELONY
  • Must not be currently charged with a Class A or Class B MISDEMEANOR or FELONY
  • Must not be chemically dependent, including alcohol
  • Must be capable of exercising sound judgment
  • Must not have been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or a disorderly conduct, in the past 5 years
  • Must be fully qualified under federal and state laws to purchase a handgun
  • Must not be delinquent in any payments to the state of Texas, including child support and property taxes
  • Must not be restricted by a protective or restraining order involving a person
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony grade juvenile delinquent conduct in the previous 10 years