About Us

Our Mission

Two Swords Protection seeks to provide resources and educate individuals to protect their families and themselves spiritually, financially, legally, and physically.

Why "Two Swords"?

The name comes from a biblical reference. During the Last Supper that Jesus had with His disciples, He tells His disciples to take money and purchase a sword -- even if they have to sell a garment to get one. Why? Jesus was sending His disciples out for ministry but He would no longer physically be with them. He wanted them to have a means of protection until they had accomplished their ministry or until they would be martyred in a way that would bring God glory (Luke 22:35-36).

The disciples already indicated that they had two swords and Jesus replied, "It is enough" (Luke 22:38). Some Bible scholars have twisted Jesus' words here to say that Jesus was expressing His disdain for forms of protection. But that is inconsistent with the fact that Jesus had just told them to purchase a sword. It also contradicts other biblical teachings of self-defense.

When Jesus said, "It is enough," He simply meant that two swords were adequate for the disciples while they remained in a group together. They didn't need to rush out and buy a sword of every make and caliber. They didn't need to keep buying more and more scabbards for their swords. They didn't need to get the latest swords reviewed in the Judean Sword Conceal and Carry magazine. They just needed something dependable and effective for self-defense.

Two Swords Protection seeks to give people the resources they need (training, equipment, and counseling) to enable them to better protect themselves in the critical areas of personal protection, financial and legal matters, and keeping the hearts of their family members.

About the Instructors

  • Robert Rohlin is a:
    • Software engineer
    • NRA-certified firearms instructor
    • Florida conceal/carry instructor
    • Professional educator with more than 35 years experience
    • Published author
    • Counselor (family and financial issues)
    • One of the pastors at First Baptist Church Las Colinas in Irving, TX
    • Lifetime NRA member

    He is the father of 8 children -- 6 of whom are daughters -- that gives him a strong motivation to protect his family. He has his M. Div. degree from BMA Theological Seminary, where he was student body president.

  • Richard Rohlin is a:
    • Software professional
    • Husband and father of 2 daughters
    • Author of a "Fort Worth Hunting" column in the Examiner
    • Avid aficionado of ballistics and ammunition properties
    • Worship leader at First Baptist Church Las Colinas in Irving, TX
    • Lifetime NRA member

    He loves to go shooting with friends and he and his Dad have enjoyed many a good trip the skeet and trap fields together. Richard has his B. A. degree from Thomas Edison college which he completed in less than 2 years.

    Richard Rohlin is a long-time shooter and avid hunter who enjoys hunting in the brush country of East Texas and along the Red River. Richard has had eclectic training in the shooting arts. He shoots competitively in IDPA matches and has completed Combat Focus Shooting with his Dad. His favorite pastimes include collecting and shooting historical military surplus firearms, hunting down good bargains at the local gun shops or latest gun shows in the DFW area, and spending time chewing the fat with hunters and sportsmen at the local rifle range. He also makes his own archery equipment and is a skilled archer. He has also written a number of books that can be found on Amazon.com.